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Pilot training in the USA is regulated by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and tailored to the  FAA requirements. 

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Open to USA national, and international students.


Status: Full-time

Duration:Contact info@you-pilot.com

Type: FAA pilot and instructor certificates and ratings

Training program: Airline Pilot preparation

Location: Florida

Certificates and ratings

Private Pilot Certificate

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Certificate

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on Rating

Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

Cost of this program

Tuition (estimated): $82,995

Application fee: $350

Estimated additional costs:

Books, supplies and mandatory electronic training materials: $5,000

Transportation, room and board: $20,000

TSA AFSP application (non-United States citizens): $390 ($130 each for three courses)

TSA fingerprinting (non-United States citizens): $99 (one time)

All prices are estimates and based on the Training Course Outline hours it takes a cadet to go through the various programs. All prices are subject to change. Each student pilot's experience may vary and hours and costs can be different than what is quoted here. 

FAA Training in Florida

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